We are in the process of gathering all the frequently asked questions, asked by Tring fans on Facebook and other social media platforms. Please visit again while we get our ducks in a row and make this page more informative. Thanks
Tring Team

What is ANTUTU?

AnTuTu is a Chinese software benchmarking tool commonly used to benchmark phones and other devices. You can read more about them on their website

How Can i Buy a Mobile From Tring

Tring as part of its service expansion is partnering with localized mobile dealers to bring efficient buying options under the prices we recommend for different handsets. Though still not available for all handsets you may find few handsets that offer BUY options.

Lets us know if you are interested and one of our team members would get in touch with you. (Handsets available in our store can be identified as Buy Now button prominently with yellow color). We are working on the things and soon you will find a Tring Store on the top header and all of the available devices for sale can be found from there.

How to Filter phone within a price range?

On the Tring home page, we have given a price bar that you can use to filter phones within your budget range along with infinite technical specs and up-to-date prices, start by selecting the price.

How Many Phone We Compare?

Be our guest to do an in depth mobile phone comparisons of up to 4 devices along with AnTuTu comparisons.

How can i Signup with your website?

At the moment you can only sign up with Tring using Facebook however we may bring few others in future.

How to advertise on our site.

Please send us an email on info [at] [our domain name] dot pk and we will get back to you. Please remember to add “Advertisement” in case you are looking for advertisement options and “Partnership” if you are looking for Partnership in the email subject.