About Tring

Tring.pk is a mobile phone price discovery and smartphone comparison portal, aimed at enthusiasts all over Pakistan. Founded only recently by four smartphone fanatics. Tring’s objective is to remain an independent platform that is insightful, accurate (as possible), and unbiased. Our mission is to help you find the perfect mobile smartphone for you at a reasonable price.


Pakistani online stores and e-commerce platforms lack product descriptions let alone detailed technical specs. Which conscious buyers are looking for. Information is often incomplete, inaccurate, or simply does not exist.

While price remains a determining factor when buying a smartphone, we believe in tech. enthusiasts should get the price and detailed technical specs, all in one place, tring.pk does exactly that. Currently, we only provide market price, (also known as retail price) handed by authorized distributors and agents. We plan to show prices from major online e-commerce stores in Pakistan.

We show over 90+ technical specifications and factors for every device. Major factors such as screen size, CPU, battery, RAM, and physical dimensions (form factor) are the key in deciding your next smartphone.

Antutu is the best comparative bench-marking system currently available. We know that mobile devices tend to get slower over time. We use the antutu v7 benchmark score to rate a mobile’s performance. While critics argue about its accuracy, it’s probably the best performance bench-marking system there is.


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